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of our products are made ​​of high quality rubber wood, safe and sound to use.  Rehal DHO ®   It is also very suitable for outdoors or indoors.   suitable for use by all ages, easy to carry and can be folded for storage.
Rehal DHO ®  is specially designed above the knees so that the user feels comfortable when using it, especially when reading the Koran. School students can use Rehal DHO ® for study classes, religious classes, painting classes and can also be used for outdoor activities such as picnics, reading books and homework. Why do we need Rehal DHO ®? 

  1. Rehal DHO ®  will ensure your body position is maintained.
  2. Rehal DHO ®  can reduce eye strain because reading is higher.
  3. Rehal DHO ®  high quality and secure to use. 
  4. Rehal DHO ®  is perfect for outdoor activities or in homes, schools, mosques, recreation, picnics, drawing or coloring in shopping malls and so on.
  5. Rehal DHO ®  can be used as souvenirs, gifts and can also be endowed.
  6. Rehal DHO ®  is very comfortable to use by all ages

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